Necessary Information About Pouching System, its Wear Time, and Wear time Tips

Ostomy Pouching System

First, a pouching system consists of a bag, skin barrier, flanges, and adhesive. It collects the feces or urine that comes out through the stoma. The ileum, colon, or rectum, pass the solid or liquid waste to the opening on the abdomen of a patient. The pouching system has various kinds. The common types of stoma pouches are:

  • One-piece ostomy pouching system.
  • Two-piece ostomy pouching system.

One-Piece Pouching System

It is an entire system to collect the stool or liquid, attached to the stoma. It has a skin barrier and a bag; however, both have conjoined. You cannot detach the skin barrier from the pouch. To change the stoma bag, you have to change the entire system.

Two-Piece Pouching System

This is the opposite of the one-piece pouching system. Here, skin barrier and stoma bag, both are separable. You do not have to remove the skin barrier to change the pouch. This is quite convenient for elderly ostomates, visually impaired, or physically week patients. Moreover, changing of two-pieces ostomy pouching system does not make your rough or red.

A few other types of ostomy pouching system are:

  • Drainable ostomy pouches.
  • Disposable Ostomy Pouches.
  • Pre-cut ostomy pouches.
  • Closed-end ostomy pouches.
  • Flat ostomy pouches.
  • Convex ostomy pouches.
  • Cut-to-fit ostomy pouches.

After picking up the right ostomy pouching system for your opening, you should think about its wearing time. This affects the health of stoma and its surroundings. The inappropriate wear time can spoil the health of peristomal skin and stoma.

Variables that can affect the Wear Time of Ostomy Pouching System

Various variables affect the longer or shorter wear time of a pouching system. Every ostomate wants to wear the stoma bag for a longer time, but it is not possible for everyone. Every patient has its history and a different kind of stoma. So, the wear time depends on the opening type, location, health of peristomal skin, frequency of output, and severity of the disease.

  • You cannot wear a stoma pouch for a long time if you are the patient of urostomy. It discharges liquid frequently and out of control. Therefore, you have to empty, clean, and change the pouch again and again. Moreover, when you have a urostomy, the output frequency depends on your fluid intake. The more you drink water and juice, the more you have to drain and change the bag.
  • If you have a colostomy, then you do not have to change or empty the stoma bag again and again. You can feel the bowel movement and heaviness of the pouch when it gets half-full, you can change or wash the bag.
  • If you have ileostomy or colostomy, and you are suffering from loose motion or diarrhea, then you have to change it two to four times a day. You cannot wear an ostomy pouch for a longer time in case of diarrhea.
  • Moreover, it depends on the health of peristomal skin. If you feel rashes with the pouching system, then you have to change it, you cannot wear it for the long term.
  • Loose or inappropriate size pouches can cause leakage; therefore, you have to change your stoma bags immediately.
  • Furthermore, the wear time of a pouching system depends on the appliances you use. If your adhesive is of low-quality, then you cannot increase the wear time of the stoma. You will have to change it when you feel leakage or looseness.

A Few Wear Time Tips

If you want to wear the ostomy pouch for a longer time, then you must know the right size and shape of your stoma and bag. The skin around the stoma must be clean and dry. The wet skin can damage the wear life of a stoma pouch. Moreover, you should follow a strict hygiene routine and a healthy diet.