Should You Use Skin Barrier Sealants?

Ensuring your ostomy supplies don’t leak or fall off your body can be tough if you’re new to the whole game of stoma cleaning and pouching system replacement. Still, there are a few things you can do to keep things going smoothly. The main things to consider are proper cleaning and ostomy care as well as having the right fitting system for your individual stoma, but otherwise, we have some tips for you.

If you’re someone who sweats a lot, you may feel like your adhesive barrier is prone to coming loose and allowing leakage. If this is the case, you could dust your skin with a powder specifically for your skin barrier. From there, you can dab some sealant on top of the powder before fitting the system in place. This is great for beginners as well, so long as your nurse approves of the accessories to help better adhesion to your skin.

Additionally, removing hair from around the site can help for the skin barrier to stick better. If you want to shave the area around the stoma, go for it. Just make sure you practice proper cleaning and ostomy care like you would any other time with that particular area of skin. Some people choose to dry shave with a skin barrier powder, some choose to use an electric razor, and others opt for mild soap and water. Whatever you go with, just do the right things and take your time.

You’ll be glad to have an area free of hair for proper sealing when it comes to changing out your skin barriers. Additionally, make sure to shave in the direction your hair grows to further reduce irritation. There’s no need in creating a problem out of nothing. Shave like you would any other area.

Skin sealants are also available in different forms, such as wipes, gels, and even sprays. It’s important to consider your options and what works best for your body when caring for your stoma, so choose what caters to your individual needs. Also, keep in mind that your skin may be sensitive to adhesives, which may mean a sealant is even better for you (whereas it may not work for others). And if you happen to have dry or even too oily of skin? A sealant is your best bet. More often than not, people just don’t know about using a sealant because they’ve never explored their options. While it costs a little more, the convenience can be absolutely worth the cost.