Many who have ostomies find that once they’re in a normal routine, they have no issues with it. But, adjusting to a life with this can be quite hard, but, here in this blog, we will talk about the problems and solutions for ostomy-related issues.

Many who have ostomies continue to live with stoma issues and problems, and usually, they don’t seek out solutions, but we’ll discuss how to take control of these problems, and live your life in a way that benefits you.

Before we begin though, the best thing to do, is to make sure that you properly clean and apply your ostomy bag to your body.  With the right care of your stoma, and the skin around it, it’ll help reduce the risk of many problems. The proper care begins with the right application, and you should make sure the hole fits around the stoma, so that the skin is dry and clean for application.

When you remove the barrier, always gently lift it off, and use your other hand to press this into the skin. Don’t rip it off, since that can lead to other problems. Always make sure to use a soft cloth with some warm water, and always gently wipe around it. when you chance the pouch, you should use a hand mirror to check for leakage, and once that’s there, you can identify the issues that you’ve got to address.

First, let’s discuss leakage.  You should make sure that, the skin is properly prepared before you apply the barrier, and look at the barrier size. You should make sure the skin is both dry and clan for you apply a new pouch. If you continue to have trouble getting the area dry, us an absorbing powder in order to help dry out the skin. If the pouch gets too heavy, it’ll pull away from the skin, or if the barrier isn’t fitting correctly, protective seal barriers can prevent leakage and seal your pouching system.

The skin that’s around the stoma is called peristomal skin, so it should smooth and healthy and look like everything else. If you notice that the skin is red or irritated, you should address the problem immediately, and if you do have issues with the adhesive, try to remove it, and make sure to talk to your doctor about this as fast as you can, so you’re not hurting your skin any further.

There is also odor that happens too. The new smells and sound that comes from this can give someone anxiety. Many of these new pouching systems offer filters to neutralize your odors, and what you can eat also does affect the gas too, so you shouldn’t have anything too high fiber, or also carbonated ether. If the filter gets blocked, ballooning happens, which means it fills up like a balloon. Depending on the type of system used, you might want to make sure you’re slowly releasing this throughout the day. If the odor is  strong when you’re changing the pouch, you might want to use a lubricant disinfectant in order to help mask the smell, and you can use deodorizers in order to help mask the scent too, especially in rooms and such.

Usually, you can put a few drops of the deodorizer into the pouch, in order to help keep it nice and clean. This will also make it easier to help with lining the pouch.

If you need more assistance, or have no idea of where to go with this, the best thing for you to do is talk to a healthcare professional, in order to get the information necessary to help with this, and also to help you better learn about your ostomy process, what it means, and the benefits of such.