Norwood Fire Company

House fire in the Boro


Saturday, September 6, 2014 Saturday night the box alarm was dispatched for a House fire in the 100 Block of Handerson Ave bring fire companies from Norwood, Glenolden, Prospect Park, and Holmes.  Police were on scene reporting a working fire as Engine 2 hit the street.  Engine 2 and Tower 5 arrived and the crew from Engine 2 advanced a attack line through the front door while Tower 5's crew split up for a search and rescue and to start opening up the roof.  Engine 2 found a kitchen fire and quickly extinguished it while Tower 5 completed their search which they found the family pets and removed them to EMS crews who worked very hard to revive the pets but unfortunately succumbed to their injuries.  Ladder 43 assisted Tower 5 with opening the roof while Engine 8 laid a supply line to the fire ground and assisted with opening up and checking for hot spots on the second floor.  Fire was quickly placed under control and units cleared the scene as they went available.  RIT 09 and RIT 20 stood by for firefighter safety during the incident. Photo credit Officer Byrne