Norwood Fire Company

Apartment Building Fire


Monday, October 6, 2014  On Monday night just after 10pm Company 02 was dispatched to assist Folcroft on the building fire at the Glencroft Club Apartments in the 100 Block of Folcroft Ave.  Police reported a working fire on the first floor of the apartment building.  Command ordered all other units to assist with evacuation's.  Engine 09 ran a attack line while Telesqurt 01 layed into the scene and assisted with fire attack while Tower 5 worked on searches of the first floor.  Ladder 2's crew split up throwing multiple ladders and assisting with checking and evacuating occupants of the apartments on the second and third floors.  Engine 2 arrived and secured it's own hydrant and layed a second supply line to the scene and stood by in the man power pool. Crews assisted with ventilating the building with multiple fans.