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Looking for a small hall rental?

Friday, October 2, 2015   We have a small hall that holds up to 60 people that is available for rent  Access to a full kitchen and soda fountain is available for your party.  Have a party for a kids birthday with a tour of the fire trucks and a firefighter will show off our gear also!  For further information please call our billing line and leave contact information at 610-583-1776   Thank you!



Craft Fair!!


Part of the Norwood Borough Community Day

*** Saturday , September 19th, 2015***

Rain Date: September 20th, 2015
8am to 4pm (Set Up Starts at 7am)

Located at: Norwood Lower Park , East Amosland Avenue and East Winona Avenue, Norwood Pa 19074

For answers to questions please call our billing line at 610-583-1776

Download the registration form below by clicking on the title of this posting and click on the PDF file.



Christmas Tree Lot is OPEN!

Monday, December 1, 2014   The annual Christmas Tree Sales is open presented by Norwood Fire Company

Trees vary in size and price

Lot time are as follows:

Monday through Thursday 4-9 pm

Friday 4-10pm

Saturday and Sunday 10am to 10pm

Delivery will be available as usual per request

Thank you for supporting you local volunteer's!



Basement fire in Prospect Park

Thursday, October 9, 2014  Around 630 in the morning the box alarm was sounded for a building fire in the 900 Block of 9th Ave in Prospect Park.  Ladder 2 was hitting the street as the working fire alarm was being dispatched.  08-9A was on location with a working fire in the basement and smoke showing.  Ladder 2 was ordered to the front of the building and started throwing ladders and ventilating the basement windows.  Engine 8 advanced an attack line in the basement while Rescue 48 was doing a search of the building.  Engine 8's crews quickly found and extinguished the fire in the basement.  Ladder 2's crew then put multiple fans in service to ventilate the building.  Crews went available after picking up the equipment.    



Apartment Building Fire

Monday, October 6, 2014   On Monday night just after 10pm Company 02 was dispatched to assist Folcroft on the building fire at the Glencroft Club Apartments in the 100 Block of Folcroft Ave.  Police reported a working fire on the first floor of the apartment building.  Command ordered all other units to assist with evacuation's.  Engine 09 ran a attack line while Telesqurt 01 layed into the scene and assisted with fire attack while Tower 5 worked on searches of the first floor.  Ladder 2's crew split up throwing multiple ladders and assisting with checking and evacuating occupants of the apartments on the second and third floors.  Engine 2 arrived and secured it's own hydrant and layed a second supply line to the scene and stood by in the man power pool. Crews assisted with ventilating the building with multiple fans.



Building Fire

Monday, September 29, 2014  During the mid afternoon the Engine Company was dispatched on Folsom's box alarm for a dwelling fire to the 500 Block of Perry Street.  Engine 2 quickly responded and arrived with Engine 18 and had smoke showing from the first floor of a twin home with fire reported in the basement. The Engine crew split up and hand jacked a supply line to a hydrant while part of the crew started a search for victims and basement access and the other part advanced the hand line to the basement and located the seat of the fire quickly extinguishing the fire.  Crews checked for extension and assisted with ventilation of the building.



Community Day

Sunday, September 21, 2014  Saturday September 27th is the Norwood Boro community day at the Lower Park located at East. Winona Ave and East Amosland Ave.  Please visit the firehouse raffle table as we will have several great prizes raffled off that day.  Those items include (1) 42" TV donated from local Dougherty's TV in Norwood. (2) Club Box seats Flyers tickets both loaded with 50 dollars courtesy of Brian Marshall of Brookhaven and Media Cocco's Pizza.  Fire safety basket and Wreath loaded with lottery instant tickets donated by the Norwood Fire Company.  The day will feature several live bands featuring local favorite Blackthorn.  Please come out and support the community day and have fun with your neighbors family and friends!!



House fire in the Boro

Saturday, September 6, 2014  Saturday night the box alarm was dispatched for a House fire in the 100 Block of Handerson Ave bring fire companies from Norwood, Glenolden, Prospect Park, and Holmes.  Police were on scene reporting a working fire as Engine 2 hit the street.  Engine 2 and Tower 5 arrived and the crew from Engine 2 advanced a attack line through the front door while Tower 5's crew split up for a search and rescue and to start opening up the roof.  Engine 2 found a kitchen fire and quickly extinguished it while Tower 5 completed their search which they found the family pets and removed them to EMS crews who worked very hard to revive the pets but unfortunately succumbed to their injuries.  Ladder 43 assisted Tower 5 with opening the roof while Engine 8 laid a supply line to the fire ground and assisted with opening up and checking for hot spots on the second floor.  Fire was quickly placed under control and units cleared the scene as they went available.  RIT 09 and RIT 20 stood by for firefighter safety during the incident. Photo credit Officer Byrne



Basement Fire

Tuesday, August 5, 2014  At 4:15am the Box Alarm was sounded for a working Building Fire in the 900 Block of 7th Ave.  Police were on location confirming a working fire in the basement with unknown occupants inside.  Crews arrived and confirmed a working basement fire.  Engine Company 8 quickly advanced an attack line into the basement while crews of Rescue 48 did a search for residents.  Ladder 2 went to the roof via portable ladders and ventilated the roof while the rest of the crew ventilated basement windows for the Engine companies working in the basement while crews from Ladder 7 ventilated the first floor windows.  Ladder 2's crew then opened up some hot spots and found no extension.  Companies were made available after picking up.



Working fire at local Landmark

Thursday, June 12, 2014  20 minutes past midnight the Box alarm for 2 Chester Pike, The Toll House, in Norwood was struck.  Police were reporting a fire in the kitchen on the grill.  Engine 2 arrived and had smoke showing, Chief 2 arrived at the same time and took command.  Engine 2 and the crew from Tower 5 deployed a hand line to the back of the building where the kitchen door was and starting attacking the fire.  A second hand line was deployed through the front door and crews started attacking the fire in the bar area. Engine 8 and Snozzle 8 supplied water to multiple units.  Telesqurt 01 secured their own water supply.  Command evacuated the building due to heavy fire in the roof and 3 large air conditioner units on the roof directly over where the crews were operating.  Crews backed out and went into a defensive attack mode with multiple deck guns and Ladder 43 who set up in the rear parking lot and Tower 5 out front.  Unfortunately the fire took hold of the roof and traveled the length of the building destroying the entire building. Photo's courtesy Frank Wesnoski.



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