Norwood Fire Company

Second Alarm assist to Folcroft

Wednesday, April 16, 2014  Just after 7am Company 2 was dispatched as part of the second alarm to assist Folcroft Fire Company in the 2000 Block of Heather Road.  First alarm crews were battling a working fire in a end of the row.  Ladder 2 arrived and crews were sent to the second floor to assist with overhaul and extinguishing remaining hot spots.  The crew from Ladder 2 operated for just over 2 hours before returning to the station. 



Floor system completed

Wednesday, April 16, 2014  Today we were able to park the trucks on the new flooring system in the firehouse after being outside for a week while our new safety floor system was installed.  The truck room and most of the rooms in the back of the firehouse had a safety floor system installed over the last 3 weeks.  This was the last major project of the new station and we can finally finish up the kitchen and offices and rooms now that this is completed.  This flooring system will add traction to the floors, aid in easy clean up when spills occur and also help keep the floors clean from leaks from the apparatus.



Working fire with entrapment

Wednesday, March 5, 2014  Today at 9:45 Companies were dispatched to the 1000 block of Lincoln Ave for a building fire bringing Companies 08, 07, 02, 48, RIT 14 and EMS.  Police were on location and confirmed one trapped on the second floor and a working fire.  Ladder 2 arrived and had fire showing from the first floor and second floor on side A.  RIT 43 was added as a second RIT.  Crews quickly started deploying ground ladders while an attack line was stretched from the Ladder and the fire was knocked down to allow crews from 02 and 08 (Prospect Park) to make entry to the second floor and quickly find the victim and start to removed the victim.  Crews from 48 (Tinicum) met the rescue crew and assisted with taking the victim down the steps and out to EMS crews while the nozzleman held the fire in check protecting the rescue crews. A supply line was established to the Ladder and more ground ladders were thrown.  The main was put to the roof and a crew from 48 vented the roof.  Crews assisted with overhaul and ventilation. Strong work today by all crews who worked flawlessly together removing the victim and quickly knocking down the fire.



Assist to Holmes on a major gas leak

Saturday, February 1, 2014   Just after 7 am Holmes was working a major gas leak outside in the 800 block of Wyndom Terrace which was effecting several houses and dispatched Engine 2 to assist.  Engine 2 arrived and command had them lay a supply line to Squrt 43.  Engine crew assisted with pulling a line and dry chem while PECO secured the broken gas line. 



Second alarm fire

Thursday, January 30, 2014   Shortly before 2am the box alarm was struck for a working building fire at 110 S MacDade Blvd.  Engine 5 arrived and had a working fire in the second floor apartment above a bar. Command called for the second alarm and Ladder 2 was dispatched on that.  Ladder 2 arrived in staging and went to staging with ground ladder and saws in tow.  The ladder crew was sent to the roof to assist with ventilation, meanwhile RIT TAC 8 was busy emptying our ladder bed to ladder the building.  After the crew finished on the roof then were sent into the second and third floors to assist with ovehaul and wall breaches.  After 3 hours of operating the crew wrapped up and returned to thaw out from the freezing temperatures. 



Two building fires for the early am

Wednesday, January 29, 2014   Shortly after returning from a building fire response in Holmes the company was dispatched to 2810 Grand Ave for a building fire.  Engine 2 made a quick response and arrived and had smoke showing from the rear of the building.  The engine crew was met by the maintence man who said there was a generator on fire to the rear of the building.  crews confirmed power was secured and knocked the fire down with cans.  Squrt 43's crew checked the interior for extension and Tower 5 handled ventilation.  



2 reported building fires for the morning

Friday, January 24, 2014   This morning the building assignment was dispatched for the 600 block of Summit Ave in Prospect Park.  8 Command and held the assignment to Snozzle 8 and Ladder 2 after finding a broken pipe and assisting the homeowners.  As the Ladder and Snozzle went available fire board sent them to the unit block of Ridgeway Ave in Norwood for a basement fire.  Ladder 2 and Snozzle 8 arrived and had nothing showing from side A.  As the ladder crew made entry to the house they found a heavy smoke condition on the first floor.  Snozzle 8's crew stretched a hand line while the ladder crew searched for the fire.  Tower 5 arrived and their crew pulled a second line for the upper floors if needed due to smoke coming from the roof line.  Ladder 43 threw ground ladders and assisted in searching for the fire and possible extension.  A small fire was located around the heater and extinguished.  Crews ventilated and cleared from the scene. 



Building Fire

Friday, January 3, 2014   This evening Company 2 was dispatched to the 1100 block of Maryland Ave for a dwelling fire.  Snozzle 8 arrived and had nothing showing and began investigating a odor of something burning in the house.  Ladder 2 put the main to the chimney and the roof crew removed the chimney cap and removed the blockage and the situation was put under control.  



Double car fire

Tuesday, December 31, 2013   Early Tuesday morning Company 2 was dispatched to the hundred block of Cleveland Ave for two vehicles on fire.  The Engine and Ladder arrived and found two cars well off with extension to a deck and wires overhead.  Command quickly called for Engine 5 and Engine 8 for additional water and manpower.  The Engine crew quickly knocked down the fire without further extension past part of the deck.  Crews overhauled the area and wrapped up and assisted police with lights. 



Assist to Sharon Hill on a Building Fire

Sunday, November 17, 2013  Company 2 was dispatched mid afternoon to assist Sharon Hill on the building fire on Laurel Road.  Members from the Engine and Ladder assisted in overhaul and wrapping up hose for companies on scene. 



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